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What to watch on Netflix (2020 January Guide) : All fresh contents

Happy New Year Folks! People now days love to watch streaming services instead of television channels. The major reasons are, you can watch it on many devices as you wish, you can watch it on your free time, so no need to sacrifice your other programs and the most important reason is you can watch binge worthy contents all day. 

Therefore, streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar are becoming very popular among the current generation. When it comes to the Netflix, likewise last year, this year also they have come up with bunches of new shows. Let's see what they have. 

The Chilling adventures of Sabrina Part 3 

The Chilling adventures of Sabrina is a comic book based tv show. We can simply introduce Sabrina has a female and darkest version of Harry Potter. Both first and second parts of the show have made a curiosity towards the second season among fans. 

Spinning Out

This is a new web series that talks about the life of a high level single skater. The approach towards the human emotions are carefully handled in this series. It has 8.1 points of rating in I.M.D.b (Internet Movie Database).


Messiah is another new web series on Netflix. Just imagine, when a man claims himself as savior, what would happen? This show has the answers.


Based on Bram Stoker's Dracula Novel (1897), they have made a new mini-web series that consists the same. It has 8.3 points of rating on I.M.D.B

Black Horseman; Season 6 Part B

Black Horseman is well known animated web series, mostly for its tragic comedy approach.

Anime Shows

My favorite part of Netflix is anime shows. I can watch anime shows whole day without doing anything. Netflix contains bunches of fantastic anime shows in it. Kengan Ashura is my most favorite show (what’s yours? comment it). This month on Netflix, anime shows such as Saint Seita: Knights of the zodiac Season 1/part 2 and Scissor 7 will be aired

Moreover, other dramas such as Good girls Season 2, The Stranger, Tylor Perry’s fall from Grace, Giri/Haja, comedies such as Grace and Frankie Season 6, The Ranch: the finaleFortune femister: Sweet and Salty, Aj and the Queen, Sex Education:  Season 2, Medical Police and family shows such as Go! Go! Cory Carson, Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, Anne with an E: The final Season, The Healing Powers of Dude, Family Reunion: Part 2 can be streamed this month.

In addition, nonfictional shows such as The Circle, Night on Earth, I am a Killer: Season 2, Cheer, Zumbo’s just desserts: season 2 and Next in fashion also available in this month.

So login to and enjoy

So what you gonna watch first?

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